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Evolution defines our future

THE year 2010 is the "Expo Year" of the Earth. Themed on "Better City, Better Life," World Expo 2010 Shanghai China will focus on the economy, science, technology and culture, helping the world get a fuller view of the daily changes and developments in China and creating a rare opportunity for deeper understanding, closer cooperation and more harmonious development. Pooling the wisdom and common understanding of the human race, the exposition will provide a forum for thought and practical application.

I want to sincerely commend the choice of the theme for World Expo 2010 Shanghai China. The concept of better cities and better lives embodies concern for people's welfare, the role scientific development plays in human life, and an ideal commonly cherished and pursued by mankind. It is the dream of human race to find a new model and a right road for urban development and to turn the Earth into a lovely home for all.

Harmony is the vision of Shanghai World Expo for urban development: harmony between man and nature, harmony between past, present and future, and a harmony between people. Since our cities and homes all stand on the Earth, harmony between mankind and the Earth will serve as the basis for the survival and development of the human race.

The Earth developed from a planetary embryo in the solar nebula into the third planet of our solar system. During the 4.6 billion years since its formation, it has undergone a long and complicated course of evolution. It has developed into a celestial body with a shell structure.

About 3.8 billion years ago, the most primitive life form developed in the oceans on the Earth. With the evolution of the environment of the Earth, a great variety of other complicated species of living things have come into being. As these species grew robustly after expanding their territories from oceans to the land or the air, the Earth has come to be full of vigor.

The tenacity of biological species and the birth and evolution of the human race mark the Earth's progress. All the bio-systems and physiological functions of human beings must conform to the environment of the Earth. It will not do for mankind to go against the rules of nature. Instead, we must strive for harmonious development between man and nature.

The Chinese culture has always advocated harmony between man and the universe, between people and people, and between body and soul.

Many great minds, both Chinese and foreign, have tried to evoke the idea of harmonious cities, producing concepts such as utopia and the garden city.

The most fundamental elements call for harmonious coexistence among different cultures and economies, the promotion of scientific advancement, the improvement of city life, and the cooperation between urban and rural areas. Only after achieving these elements can we hope to achieve harmonious development between man and nature, between people and cities, and between the past, the present and the future.

The vision of harmonious development of cities envisaged in World Expo 2010 Shanghai China surely marks a goal commonly cherished by the whole world.


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