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January 31, 2011

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Feng shui snapshot for the year

THE Year of the Rabbit brings a whole new set of energies to the universe and to your home and personal space.

"One can apply some basic feng shui tips in his or her home to harness the potential of yearly star energies to avoid evils and allow a good flow of energy in the house," says Su Baicheng, a full-time feng shui consultant in Shanghai. He has studied the "I Ching" ("Book of Changes") for more than 20 years.

"Home, just like people, keeps evolving. It supports you, expresses who you are, and goes with you through various changes," Su says.

In short, this is the energy snapshot for your home for the Rabbit Year: Beware of the east, south and north. The west is half-good, half-bad, northwest is good for money, southwest is good for students, northeast is good for love. The center should be kept still and calm.

Master Su explains that in this lunar year, the powerful planet Jupiter, also known as Taisui, is located in the eastern part of the heavens. Large construction projects should not be in an eastern area or face eastward.

"The energy Jupiter generates is already very great, so it cannot hold any more. So the energy from human activities can make it explode, thus bad things would happen," Su explains.

The same is true at home. The eastern part of one's house or apartment is not a good place for sleeping or spending a lot of time, he says. Bad things, even catastrophes, can happen in this direction.

Males and the owner of the house are especially affected by bad energy in the east, which can cause health problems, says the feng shui consultant.

Using the color red in the east of the house is forbidden because the strong yang (positive energy) of the color could strengthen the bad energy.

Black and white are ideal as white is considered to represent the element metal and black is water; they can counter or dissolve Jupiter's "earth" - Jupiter is associated with earth, one of the five elements (also wood, fire, water, metal).

Su suggests placing a pair of brass toads in the eastern part of a house. Ancient Chinese believed that metal overwhelms or "kills" soil, while the toad is an auspicious animal that spits venom to combat poison and evil.

The good and the bad

Opposite to Taisui or Jupiter in the east is Suipo in the west, where Jupiter's energy flows and disappears, east to west. Generally, Suipo is a bad direction but this year the west is also the location of the God of Happiness.

"So the west is a half-good, half-bad direction. You should handle it carefully," Su says. Big red or green objects can be placed in this western direction to enhance the auspicious energy.

The feng shui expert advises people whose zodiac signs are rabbit or rooster to avoid this area, lest they offend Taisui this year.

Northwest is the location of the Fortune God, a good place. Business people can put their desks here, store financial papers or put a Fortune Cat in this part of the house to bring luck. Pearls and jewels can also be placed in the northwest.

The southwest is a good direction for students. Facing southwest can promote mental ability.

Children's bookshelves, desks and computers should be in a southwest-facing room.

The northeast this year is an auspicious direction for those who are looking for love or want to improve their relationships. To attract love energies, one can decorate a northeastern room with golden objects, flowers or pink and red vases.

The south is an unlucky direction. People spending too much time facing south (in a south-facing room) are vulnerable to ailments. Su suggests placing a double-gourd (calabash gourd) in this room or area.

According to the theory of five basic elements, illness derives from the earth element but metal subdues the earth and heals. In ancient Chinese culture, a gourd cup was used by a god to catch evil things.

The north is an unlucky place, where quarrels, fights or misunderstanding might happen. Hanging red lanterns in the area is a good way to weaken bad energy.

Southeast is a location that might cause accidents. Sharp objects like knives should not be placed in this area. Fish tanks and aquatic plants like water lilies are a good choice here.

The central place of the house this year should be kept "calm and still." If your kitchen, bedroom or toilet room is in the center of the house, accidents, ailments or disputes may occur.

The center is dominated by the metal element this year, so metal or yellow objects should not be placed there. A fish tank or bowl is a good choice because water can counteract metal.


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