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November 17, 2009

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Fly your way to flexible fitness

WOMEN tend to be more emotional than men and often crave variety, leading them to get easily bored with regular gym workouts featuring heavy equipment and uninspiring routines.

Gyms need something innovative and fun to preserve women's interest in keeping fit. Jukari Fit to Fly, an hour-long workout that is created on a specially designed piece of equipment called the FlySet, introduces a new way to move for women.

"It's fun because you feel like you're flying,'' says Joey Yung, a practitioner. "The workout is completely different from what I have experienced before and very exciting. My whole body is moving in a fresh new way.''

Co-developed by Reebok, a subsidiary of German sportswear giant Adidas, and Cirque Du Soleil, a creative content provider, the workshop gives the sensation of flying while strengthening and lengthening the body through cardio, strength, balance and core training.

"It's suitable for every woman, no matter what their existing fitness level is," says Maree Mou, group exercise director of Welcome Fitness Management (Shanghai) Ltd.

"The difference between Jukari Fit to Fly and other traditional exercising items is that it has more complicated equipment."

A trained instructor guides a class of up to 12 practitioners through the workshop.

The FlySet hangs from the gym ceiling. It consists of a durable three-stranded rope fixed to the ceiling with a 360-degree swivel point at an adjustable length with two attachment loops.

FlyBar is a stick for catching which is made up of 2 kilograms of steel with a padded cover passing through the two rings, and its length can be adjusted.

"This set of professional equipment can strengthen and extend your body fully when doing the exercises, making you feel like you're flying in the air," Mou says.

"But to ensure people's safety, we have to strictly regulate the placement of the equipment. Normal family homes don't have the right conditions for installing FlySet. So the safest way to experience the pleasure of exercising is to come to the gym."

The workout is actually a direct result of a survey conducted of 15,000 women across 25 countries and region by Reebok in 2008.

The survey found that while almost half of the women knew that exercising and training is very important to their health, less than 25 percent would exercise regularly.

It also showed that 61 percent of the women would work out more if it was more fun. More than half felt exercise was a chore. They thought fitness is very laborious, which made them feel unmotivated. But if exercise was full of interest, they would do it more regularly.

"Jukari Fit to Fly is a creative way of doing exercise which reverses the traditional ones," Mou says. "The trainee feels a fresh and amazing challenge in the range of movement made possible by the FlySet." Jukari Fit to Fly signature moves Hanging Carousel to Straddle

This exercise is designed to gain strong core and abs. With the bar over your head, get a good grip and keep your thumbs around the bar. Retract your lateral muscles by pulling your shoulders down away from your ears. Place your feet just beyond hip-width apart, rotate your upper body to the right and spin. Engage all stabilizing muscles while you straddle with your feet in midair. Repeat in opposite direction.

This will work your: abductors, lat muscles, abdominals. Woodpecker

With the bar at chest level, stand in front of your FlySet with an overhand grip. Engage your core, lean forward until you are at an angle and dip your forehead to the bar, bending at your elbows resisting your body weight with your triceps, push and repeat.

This will work your: triceps, core. Stability Bridge

Start in a push-up position with your feet in the foot loops, body parallel to the floor, engage your core, retract your lat muscles and breathe. Hold this position and then repeat.

This will work your: abdominal, core. Hamstring Curl

Lay on your back with your feet in the foot loops, lift your bottom off the floor, as you flex your feet and push your heels towards the floor, curl your legs under until your heels hit your bottom.

This will work your: core, hamstrings, glutea. Swing to Straddle/Tuck/Scissor Jump

A fun way to work your legs and get your heart rate up. With the bar at chest level, start with a walk forward and extend to a full stretch. Then walk backward, bringing the bar close to you, hold tight, retract your lat muscles and swing. In the swing, if you extend your legs out, you are in your straddle jump. When you engage your core and tuck your knees, you are in a tuck jump. Or pick up your pace, push the bar towards the floor, get some height, extend one leg in front, kick the other leg behind, and you're in a scissor jump.

This will work your: cardio, legs, lat muscles. Mountain Climber to Pike

This is perfect for strengthening your core. Start in a push-up position, with feet in foot loops, body parallel to the floor. Bring one leg up to your chin and alternate legs. Go back to the push-up position, engage your core, point your toes and fold yourself under into a pike position. Finish in the push-up position. This will work your: chest, triceps, shoulders, core. Underhand Pull-Up

Stand in front of your FlySet with your bar at chest level, hold onto your bar with an under-hand grip, engage your core, lean back until your arms are straight, pull your chest to the bar keeping your elbows tight and resist slowly back to your beginning position and repeat.

This will work your: core, biceps, back.


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