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May 31, 2017

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Alexa and Scott enjoy a ghostly Halloween night

ALEXA and Scott were late, just four days from the Halloween vacation. Worst possible time to be late, or so the teachers said. They ran at top speed through the green pasture that seemed to be the only bright thing on this gloomy Halloween day.

They entered the school, uncertain. Alexa’s black eyes were still shining and her jacket hood was up. Scott’s hazel-eyes were full of concern as he shivered in his shorts and T-shirt.

The day rolled on from lunch to art to P.E. to music and finally home time, Alexa and Scott stayed back so they could grab their bottles from the gym. But then the doors shut, the lights dimmed and they yelled in terror.

When they calmed down, they started hearing weird oooooh sounds throughout the gym. Suddenly, they were separated. Finally, Scott’s bulky figure was in Alexa’s view as she ran towards him, they held each other tight until, they saw a shadowy figure floating in the back of the gym, when it stepped into the evening light they saw it clearly, and froze.

They screamed. The figure screamed. It silenced itself and floated toward them. It was like silvery like silk shining in the moonlight with a friendly face.

It was a ghost. It looked like any school student except his eyes held a look of ageless wisdom. He asked in an annoyed tone: “ Why in this world do people scream their heads off when they see us?” Alexa was numb and Scott only managed to say, “W-who aaare yyyou?”

The ghost said: “My name is Rex, I am the ghost of the school’s first principal, I lived a peaceful life and died peacefully.” Alexa and Scott sighed in relief and Alexa asked “why are you here?”

“Have you heard about the School Ghost Legend?” the ghost asked. They nodded their heads. The School Legend stated that Friendly Ghosts took a liking to this school and decided to live here. Rex said, “Good, so that legend is true basically, now follow me!”

It was hard to process all that on a hungry stomach, so Rex flew to the canteen so they could eat. They picked up some bread and Scott started to butter it with the butter knife, he gave it to Alexa and she was going to grab it when another ghost snatched it and threw it towards them with the intention of killing them. It barely missed their heads whilst the butter, still on the knife slipped off landing and buttering Alexa’s bread. The ghost yelled: “Curses” and Rex said: “Calm down, they’re just students that got trapped in here.” Wiser calmed down and said: “OK, but King needs to give them a note to let them out.” This is what the note said:

Dear Alexa and Scott. You must come to me in an hour, to prove you’re worthy enough to be “Keepers Of The School.” My bungalow is in the place where your explosions happen!

They stared at each other in confusion. Scott said: “Allie, remember the exploding volcano we did yesterday!!” Alexa said: “The science lab!”

Rex yelled: “Right on the bullseye!” So the three raced to the lab. Alexa opened the door. As it opened, moonlight and mist momentarily blinded them. When it cleared, they saw a figure sitting meditating on a pile of gym mats.

The figure was another ghost like Rex but younger and more mature.

“ Welcome my friends, to my den,” he said.

“So what do we have to do to prove that we can be the Keepers Of The School?” asked Scott. The ghost said: “You have two tasks, complete and you go.

“So what’s the first task?” asked Alexa. “A riddle,” answered King. He grabbed a piece of paper and shoved it towards them. It read:

“A man in prison has a visitor. Afterwards a guard asks the prisoner who the visitor was. The prisoner replies: “Brothers and sisters I have none, but that man’s father is my father’s son.” What’s the relationship between the prisoner and the visitor?”

“Whaaaaat?” Scott said scratching his head. Suddenly Alexa’s eyes opened wide, “That man’s father is my father’s son, and brother’s or sisters I have none THE VISITOR IS THE PRISONER’S SON!”

She ran to Scott and hugged him. She tried to hug Rex but her hand went straight through.

“Very good guys,” said King, “you may now go home. Now you are Keepers Of The School. By the way, just grab a sandwich for me as the second task.”

Alexa and Scott ran to grab a sandwich for King, but he looked horrified.

King pointed to the window — the night was fading!

Alexa and Scott exchanged looks. They had been here all night! They missed Trick-or-Treating. King gave them a handful of candy.

Then they realized that the others hadn’t seen ghosts but they had. In fact, it was the best Halloween ever! As more daylight streamed in, the ghosts faded. Scott checked his watch: 5am. They had some time to rush back and get back to school.


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