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Flowers of love

POTENT flowers, essential oils and perfumes can make ladies alluring, keep them healthy and put them, and their men, in the mood for love.

Roses, lilies and ilang ilang are flowers of love, great for Valentine's Day and Valentine's Night. Wear the scent, put a few drops in your bath, luxuriate in an aromatherapy massage with highly diluted oil. Heat the oil and perfume your boudoir.

These essential oils (like all essential oils) are intense and highly concentrated. They can burn the skin, so they should be diluted with a base oil, and the base oil used only sparingly. The proportion is usually five to 10 drops of essential oil to 10ml carrier oil.

In aromatherapy, the oil molecules are absorbed both through the skin into the bloodstream and through inhalation and thus into the blood stream. Do not ingest. Oils are commonly used in baths, in massage and heated and diffused in the air.

These oils are soothing, calming and mood-elevating. They have numerous physical benefits, including benefiting the reproductive system.

Pregnant women should check with their doctors before trying any aromatherapy.


Roses, symbol of love, are the most desired flower on Valentine's Day, especially red roses for ladies, red representing passion. Many young women choose rose perfume.

Xiangxiang Gongzhu, or Fragrant Princess, a legendary imperial concubine of Emperor Qianlong in the Qing Dynasty (1844-1911), was said to have naturally given off the fragrance of roses, without perfume or makeup.

She was the princess of the Hui minority in the western area, and her scent brought many men to their knees, including the emperor.

It is said she loved eating rose petal jam since she was a child - that could explain it. She kept up the habit after she joined the emperor in Beijing.

Research shows that the scent of roses can soothe and lift the mood. It can build women's self-confidence. Its sweet smell and symbolism create a romantic atmosphere.

Try a rose oil and rose petal bath.

Health benefits: Rose essential oil helps promote uterine and reproductive tract health, regulates menstrual periods, relieves painful menstruation, benefits the urinary system, the liver and the heart. Applying highly diluted oil can moisturize skin, promote cell regeneration and relieve inflammation.


Lily fragrance - intensely floral, sweet and sensual - is believed to create a romantic atmosphere, conducive to love.

Kama, the god of carnal love in Hinduism, an Asian Cupid, soaks his arrows in the perfume of lilies and aims them at the hearts of men and women. We know the effect of Kama's darts.

Queen Cleopatra is said to have used the perfume of lilies to seduce Mark Antony. She ordered that the oars of her famous barge be soaked with lily oil and the queen herself was perfumed with lilies.

Try doing a Cleopatra on Valentine's Day. Try a dab of diluted lily perfume, take a lily bath or heat lily essential oil in your bedroom to perfume the night.

Health benefits: Warms and benefits the uterus, helps relieve painful menstruation. Said to treat frigidity and promote production of breast milk. Applying to the breast is said to perfect the shape of the breast.

Applying diluted essential oil increases skin elasticity and lightens scars.

The oil can also benefit the male reproductive system.

Warning: The fragrance is too intense for many people. Dilute it. Pregnant women definitely should not use it.

Cananga (ilang ilang)

Known as the "flower of flowers," ilang ilang is fresh, floral, sweet, fruity and exotic, a bit like jasmine.

Cananga oil can help balance adrenalin secretion, thus relieving anger and anxiety and elevating the spirits.

It is said that wearing cananga scent can enhance a woman's charms.

In Indonesia, there is a tradition of spreading cananga flowers on the nuptial bed.

Health benefits: Benefits the reproductive system by balancing hormones, helps treat frigidity, corrects blood pressure (if either too high or too low).

Applying diluted oil on hair or skin controls secretion of sebum, improving complexion and hair, especially for those with oily or dry skin.

Warning: Cananga oil is intense and must be diluted. Too much can cause discomfort, dizziness and vomiting. Do not apply on sensitive, inflamed or broken skin.


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